Work toward realizing DuPont Country Club‘s vision for the future is well underway. Rogers McCagg is thrilled to serve as the design lead for the project, helping DuPont build on their already outstanding reputation and traditions to bring the club to new, unparalleled heights. The new DuPont will offer its members amenities they won’t find anywhere else along the east coast, including 20 acres of practice facilities, 12 new outdoor tennis courts, and our main focus for Phase One of the project: a state-of-the-art learning center with an inviting bar and restaurant where club members and their families will unwind.

Click below to see DuPont’s latest video update, which shows the progress so far and offers insight on where the project is going. Rogers McCagg Owner and Partner, Chris McCagg, serves as Lead Architect for the project; he offers his thoughts on the progress so far and the vision we are helping DuPont bring to life.