Beacon-Hill-Pro Shop


At Beacon Hill Club, Rogers McCagg satisfied the client’s need for a new highly flexible and functional bar-lounge that created an intimate, upscale member experience and complemented the adjacent dining rooms and terrace.   “The client wanted something with a sort of swanky, speakeasy feel that emulated the vibe of some of the upscale restaurants and clubs in NYC that its members frequent”, says Chris McCagg, President of Rogers McCagg. “Our Interior Design team headed by Kim Nathanson exceeded the client’s expectations with a fresh interpretation of sophistication while respecting the original aesthetics of the historic structure. The flexible space creates a “mood” for every occasion. We’ve done our job well if first-time guests and members alike can’t see the line between existing and new. Our focus was to precisely match the unique stonework and mortar joinery of the clubhouse, window styles and exterior materials.”